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Austin TX USA

CM 10 Transmission Electron Microscope

We have a Philips CM 10 TEM that we are putting the finishing touches on. Its comes with a 10 Meg CMOS projection chamber camera ("Bottom Mount") complete with editing and annotation software. A single tilt holder is included but we have many other options. It is in very nice shape, and we can provide service as well. Price: 85K, and we will deliver it and install it ourselves in the lower 48.


Serial: D741

Year: 1995

Gun: Tungsten or LaB6

Energy: 20 to 100 Kv

Resolution: 0.35 nm

TEM Magnification: 20 to 450,000x

CCD: 10 Mega pixel Projection Chamber Camera with Software

Additional Features!!!!

Rebuilt Goniometer

Overhauled Column

Overhauled Vacuum System

Refurbished or replaced control knobs and dials

Old cantankerous film system removed to eliminate potential leaks